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See all 7 of Levi & Biely's November 2013 litter at 4+ weeks old.  Too cute..!!
One of our puppy buyers snapped the pictures of the 3 boys below, thanks so much..
Below are their sisters..
See Aja below with her 8 week old daughter Poppy, and with Poppy on the right, at 8 months old.  Poppy is sister to our Ry-lee, see above & below..
To the right, see Duke all grown up at about 1 year old, on the farm in Woodland, CA.  We think he looks like his dad Levi..
Thanks owners for sending us pictures..
You can see updates of them on PHOTOS 2 page of their first days at their new homes.
     MAX                            BREGO                   CHARLIE
      DAISY                    LUCY                ANNIE              BRANDY
Ry-lee at 13 months old.  Daughter of Levi & Aja..  We think she is looking more & more like her dad..
Ry-lee, nearly 11 months old.  Big beautiful girl..
Ry-lee also finds the sofa pretty comfy, smart girl..  She is right around 70 pounds. 

From Levi & Aja..
Mom Aja..                         Poppy, 11 months..              Ry-lee 11 months..
Ry-lee, 13 months old..
May 2014
Our girl Aja, since retiring from having puppies, is now a therapy dog, visiting and brightening the days of people in the local nursing home.  What a good girl, we could not be more proud of her..
Page updated February 2022

​Miss Ry-lee was born March 28, 2013, she has her OFA certificates for hips/elbows.  The daughter of Aja & Levi, grand daughter of Jassi Jordan  She has given us some awesome puppies and we expect her next litter to be equally so..
             "RAINA TOUCH OF GOLDEN MOONDUST"  SR87802705

​Raina was born May 29, 2015, she has her OFA for hips/elbows..  The grand daughter of Biely & Levi, her mom is Annie from their November 2013 litter (see photo above & PHOTOS 2 page), the great grand daughter of Jassi Jordan.  We look forward to seeing her fifth generation puppies..
First day home.!!
Raina growing up.!!
Sweet girl.!!
dob 6-8-17
​Savvi is a descendant from both of our amazing boys..
On the paternal side, Savvi is the Granddaughter of our beloved Jake (The Golden Boy Over The Top) and the beautiful Jordan (Jassi Jordan Just Jumpin).  Her Dad is Jake & Jordan's son Chief born in 2009..
On the maternal side, Savvi is the Great Granddaughter of our boy Levi and the lovely Aja..  Her Mom is Levi & Aja's granddaughter Lacey..

Savvi is a very energetic girl, but loves to snuggle beside you and is very curious and wants to be 'in on everything', she is a joy and makes us laugh & smile every day..

Here are a few photos of her 1st day's home & meeting the big dog..

​Four months old..
​In loving memory of our beloved Golden Dogs who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge...
Levi, Aja & Biely...  Looking out the front door on a beautiful sunny day in December 2013..
Don & Levi taking a nap, in May 2012, he is 11 months old..  I thought the following words seemed fitting...

Levi and some of their antics...
As you can plainly see, Levi loves his tennis ball....  He can pick up 3 at a time..  He likes to put them in various places, like his food bowl, the kitchen sink, sometimes they end up behind the sofa...  He has even put them in the flower pot when we are planting..   He loves balancing them on his head.  When we are working in the front yard he puts them all through the gate and barks so we will come and get them...  Savvy boy...
He also considers himself a lap dog...  Papa lets him...

Andy, one of Levi & Aja's  sons...  He resides in Modesto, CA with his proud owner.  Looks like he shares his Dad's love of the tennis ball..  Thanks owner for the photo...
Taye, all grown up....  He is as sweet as honey & butter..  He resides with his owners in Merced, Ca...
He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog...

You are his life, his love, his leader...

He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart...

You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion...

We are located in Marysville, CA, about 40 miles North of Sacramento..

Jake, our very first Golden Retriever, the one who started it all...  2002-2011

He sired several litters of beautiful puppies over the years, we're fortunate to get to hear from many of them..

He was an amazing boy, a wonderful representative of the Golden Retriever breed..  He and I had such a bond, I swear he could read my mind...  He is sorely missed and will live forever in our hearts & memories..  

Our beautiful Jordan.. 2006-2017 

She gave us some awesome puppies, which includes our current sire the smart & amazing boy Levi..  

The puppies to the left, born in June 2011 includes our boy Levi, he is the one to the far left with his brothers...
Jordan & Willy litter, dob June 26, 2011...
Our great granddaughters, Kirsten & Brooke with Jordan's puppies...
Levi at 4 weeks, far left...
Lovely Aja.. 2008-2018

She gave us some awesome and beautiful puppies..  We get updates on many of her puppies...


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