Pictures of Jake, Jordan, Levi, Aja, Taye, our Grand kids, some of the golden puppies and what they do for fun.


Above and right are the Goldens of Marysville and Yuba City.  They belong to us and sister Barbara of Yuba City.  They travel with their good buddy Bob. They are famous around town, they even got into the local newspaper.  It is quite a sight to see..

MyTy, Jake & Jordans son.  SR57719604 "MYTEE TYTAN TOUCH OF GOLD", dob 08/08/09.  Also below, pictures of his and Aja's pups.  All gone to their new homes.  MyTy resides in Nevada with our daughter Kerrie and family.. 

This is Willy, SR45643907 "WEE WILLY WINKY", dob 8/21/07.  He and Jordan are the parents of the litter born June 26, 2011, and our new sire Levi.  He is a big beautiful fellow and very gentle and playful.  He and his owners reside in Yuba City, CA..
This is Levi, SR68629008, "JASSI'S GOLDEN BOY LEVI", dob 06-26-11..  

He is the son of Willy and Jordan, his DNA is on file with AKC and has hip x-rays for PENN-HIP.  Levi is 100% American Golden.  We are very proud of our boy Levi..

​                                            Picture taken Mar 20, 2015


Levi and Biely had a litter of 7 pups on 04-25-12.   He loves them and seems to enjoy co-parenting with Mama.  There were 4 boys and 3 girls. They are just a week old here..  

See pups (left) at 3 weeks old with mama, they had one female puppy the color of mama, the others more like daddy.  See their son Oliver, bottom of page, at 7 1/2 months old 
when his owners brought him by for a visit..
All puppies gone to new homes..

This is our female Biely, SR67605202, "JAZZ'S GOLDEN GIRL BIELY", dob 04-19-2011.  She has her OFA certificates for hips and elbows..   She is now retired from having puppies...

Her parents were both born in Poland and Biely means white in Polish, she was very white when she was a baby, but has turned a beautiful light golden color and a very sweet girl..  

​Please see announcement on left..  Our 2018 puppies will have AKC paperwork, dewormed and first shots, and will be sent home with a small bag of their puppy food..

Picture of Dad Levi and Mom Biely, taken on May 22, 2012..

     10 days old Nov. 2013           two weeks old​, Nov. 2013

​Biely & Levi's November litter, dob 11-14-2013 - puppies are 50% English and 50% American Goldens..  All puppies are sold..

​               Levi & Biely (below), picture taken 09-04-13..

To the left is Macy, SR69377107, "MACY MAY", dob 09-08-2011..
Macy resides in Yuba City, CA with her owners Ian & Rosie.
Macy & Levi produced a litter of 13 puppies on 12-01-2013, they ranged from light to dark..    
​All have gone to their new homes..

​The beautiful girl below in the pink bow is Anya, SR59580304, "PRINCESS ANASTASIA OF THE HEAVENS" , dob 09-06-2009..  Both Anya's parents hips are rated Excellent by OFA..   
She is the granddaughter of our boy Jake, "THE GOLDEN BOY OVER THE TOP", you can see him on our HOME page.. 
Anya resides with her owners in Yuba City, CA..
I'm told she really is the "Princess" of the household.


Future Litters.

Please contact us for information regarding litters sired by Levi for others..  We never know exactly when there might be a litter available..

We are happy to refer them...
Three of Macy & Levi's puppies, dob 12-01-13..  All 13 pups gone to their new homes..

All of these puppies are sold and in their new homes..!!

***We are showing the puppies from Macy, Anya and Daisy, because they were sired by our boy Levi.  He does help  produce some amazing puppies..

**Please contact us for information on other litters sired by Levi..
Page updated June 15, 2018
One of Anya & Levi's sons, 8 week old Pippin..
This is "Gareau's Cyroth" (pronounced C Roth)..   SR78286501..  He is the sire of Ry-lee's puppies born October 2, 2014
Maverick, 10 weeks..
Gaston, 10 weeks..
Jesse, 10 weeks..
See below, some of Anya & Levi's pups from February 2014..

Biely & 11 week old Ryan..
May 2013
Biely & Levi's May 20, 2014 puppies..  6 girls, 1 boy..
Quite a golden rainbow of colors..
The handsome pups below are some of Biely and Levi's grandpups..  Taken in Summer 2014..
Thanks owners for these pictures..
Daisy with her pups..

The beautiful girl to the right is Alia, daughter to Levi & Biely, Mother to the dogs above..  She is with her June 2014 litter, sired by Cyroth..

NOTE.. 09-13-15

Levi has sired a litter with Gracie, located in Nevada City, there is one male available, dob 07-23-15​, ready to go home soon..  $1200

​Levi, 11-12-12
Biely is now retired from having puppies.. 2016
Below & left is Oliver, Levi & Biely's son at 7 1/2 months of age.  We had the pleasure of a visit from him and his owners in December 2012.  We think he looks a lot like his dad Levi..

Thanks owners we love getting pictues and updates, but a visit is even better..
Doggie & puppy reunion, August 12, 2017...  At

                                       Winter Creek Ranch Goldens  -  Oregon