More photos of our dogs.  Work In Progress..

Our Ry-lee at two months old & her big brother Taye.  Ry-lee is from Aja & Levi's March litter.  Taken May 27, 2013..
Finally a nap in the comfy, hose (?)..  Really..??
Puppies from November 2013, from Biely & Levi.  This little guy claimed the stuffed golden from the first minute I put it down for them, two of his sisters are checking it out too.  
See him running at his new home 'the ranch', below..  We called him Mr Big, his owners have named him Brego.
This is Brego, one of the little boys from Biely & Levi's November 2013 litter.  He went to his new home on 'the ranch' in Nevada, he looks right at home to us.  He was the one who took our hearts right from the start, he is a true explorer, brave, never still and wants to see and do it all.   His owners took these on his first day home at 8 weeks old.  
He is the boy in green on our HOME page.
Thanks owners, we love these pictures.  They say "he's so much fun"
and "a happy boy"...
I love those flying ears..
This is Duke, Ry-lees brother, from Aja & Levi's March 2013 litter.  Looks like he is in to tennis shoes.  Too sweet..
Thanks for the picture owners..

Here's Duke with his and Ry-lees brother Boo Boo, little brother to Yogi.  Enjoying a rest after a nice swim, summer of 2013..  They live near one another and have regular play dates..  How great is that..!!

First days at their new homes...we love it..!!
This is Charlie, looks like he is in to backyard football and getting to know his new cats..
Here's Lucy, she likes naps, fuzzy slippers, and smelling flowers.. or maybe being the flower..
See Brandy, with her very own stuffed golden, they are exactly the same color.  Looks like she's the new greeter at the door, how sweet is that..  
She's got her own outdoor water fountain, and it looks like she also likes a nice nap..
Her owner says she likes helping with yard work, I wonder how that is going..?
Brego's owners say he loves sticks, of any kind, and chocolate, of the labrador sort that is..
Thank you so much owners, you do not know how much it means to us to receive the updates and pictures of our puppies.  Thanks..

Here's Maxwell, Max for short..
A boy and his dog, don't need much more than that...!!
Max also gets to live on a 'ranch' in Nevada, what a lucky boy..!!
Look what happened in just a couple weeks time...he discovered SNOW...!!  January 2014.  It certainly looks like Brego is lovin' it...

This is Daisy at 9 weeks old, just before she went to her forever home.  We got to have her for several days all to herself.  We fell in love with her, such a sweet and good girl..
​Lucy loves hiking, playing in the nearby creek, and digging the wet sand on the bank..  She
also enjoys lounging on the patio..
And who wouldn't love a red convertible on a beautiful sunny California day.  Look at that stunning view on their morning walk..
Lucy getting so big, 39 pounds at 4 months
her owners tell me..

Charlie, getting so big..  He's now 33 pounds at 4 months old..  Enjoys lounging in the sun, communing with Boots (the cat), and racing with his boys..  Beautiful..!!

Here's Max at 4 months old, getting accquainted with the other youngsters on the ranch..
​Brego enjoys playing with big brother Hershey below, what a good big brother he is..
He's 13 weeks old, still such a brave boy.
His owners say "he still likes being top dog"..

Thanks Michele, for these great photos..
Lucy learns to swim..!!
​Annie, hanging out with her kids, she can fetch the baseball in the park, just chill, cuddle, or be the sweet, girly girl..
Getting so big at 4 month old now..

Thanks owners..
Brandy and her buddy, having a little rest after their play date.  Brandy's owners tell me she helps out with the mail and she receives lots of attention and lots of oh's & aw's when they are out and about..  We can certainly see why, she is just a beautiful girl..!!
Daisy, nearly 4 months old.  Her owners tell me she also gets tons of attention and oh's & aw's while they are out on their excursions.
We don't have to wonder why, she is a very beautiful girl..!!
Daisy at 3 months old with her kitty.  I wonder who is 'top dog' in the family.?
Also just sitting so nice and pretty..
Page updated 8-17-2014..
​Lucy, 5 months old..  Getting so big.  Beautiful..!!
Lucy at 6 months..                       Lucy at 8 months..
Max, 7 months old..  So handsome..!!
Charlie, 6 months old..  Looks like he still likes communing with Boots the cat..
Brego, 6 months old, still gorgeous..!!
Brandy, 6 months old..  What a beautiful and happy girl..